The privacy coin for everyone

When we invented BitcoiNote, we knew it was going to be different from all the other coins. We weren’t going to introduce it for the people but with the people. BitcoiNote is the only coin that’s truly for everyone, because it’s an effort done by community.

Here’s how we are making BitcoiNote the most collaborative effort in the cryptoworld:

Strong community

No other coin is as community-driven as BitcoiNote. From the very beginning, we’ve been getting the community involved in everything we do. Quickly, we launched community channels on Twitter, Reddit, Bitcointalk, code on GitHub and a group chat on Telegram. We’re using all these channels to share news about everything that’s going on around BitcoiNote. Participants can expect about 20 updates each week on every one of these channels.

Its also amazing to see how community members are helping out each other. Users are constantly asking questions, where others quickly jump in to help them out, share their thoughts or express their opinion. We really appreciate this type of collaborative effort and encourage everyone to ask or share whatever is on their mind!

Recently, we asked our community how they would like to communicate with the BitcoiNote team and among community members. Discord came up as a new suggestion that many members were in favor of, so we immediately went ahead and launched an official channel on Discord.

Group decisions

We don’t think we’re the smartest people on the planet. We don’t know best answers to everything. We believe we can make the best decisions if we make them together.

We found polls on Twitter to be a perfect medium to make decisions and get all community members involved. We’re launching a new poll approximately once a week and let them run for 7 days to give everyone the opportunity to vote for in the most recent poll.

Polls have been used to ask the community about anything from the next exchange we should be launched on to how you’d like to communicate. We love holding these polls and we hope you do too.

Sharing with supporters

The BitcoiNote team believes in sharing with and in rewarding early supporters at any given moment. Therefore, you won’t be able to find another coin that does more airdrops than we do. Recently, we have been launching an airdrop approximately once a week, because we truly believe that your efforts in staying involved and co-creating our community should be rewarded.

Our airdrop campaign always require minimal user effort, because we want to make it easy for our community to claim some free BTCN for staying involved and supporting the coin.

We also launch bounty campaigns very frequently. These require more effort from users, but are still so simple that almost anyone can participate here. Recent examples include our signature bounty and the ongoing YouTube bounty, with rewards of up to 20,000 BTCN for each video.

Stay tuned and keep following all BitcoiNote channels to be the on time for the next airdrop or bounty campaign!

Collaborative development

We’re proud of everything we do to involve our community but want to take it to the next level in the future because we want to develop BitcoiNote software and tools together with you.

For this, we have yet to share details, but you can expect opportunities for developing new features or platform-specific software. We think this is an important step in the future of BitcoiNote and can’t wait to share the details about these opportunities.

We think it is so important, because this initiative will make BitcoiNote even more of a community effort. We’re going to work with many of you in new and exciting ways and plan to offer a level of collaboration almost no coin is doing until now. Stay tuned for update on this initiative.

Become part of our journey

Together, we’re going to make BitcoiNote the best and most valued coin on the market.

Join us today, we’re better together!

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