5 BitcoiNote features to take advantage of

BitcoiNote has a bunch of unique features that make the coin special. Since we launched the coin, we’ve been adding and improving these features constantly. Below are 5 features to take advantage of!

1. Extremely private

Although privacy seems essential in crypt ocurrency, not every coin is completely private. For example, Bitcoin’s transactions are most of the time anonymous but they’re not really private. All transactions are visible in its blockchain and particular transactions can be linked to particular wallet addresses. This is where BitcoiNote is different. It maintains the highest standard for privacy, which is achieved thanks to the use of ring signatures and key images.

BitcoiNote maintains the highest standard for privacy. It is the most private crypto coin on the market.

This level of privacy is accomplished by using ring signatures. A

With ring signatures, a transaction uses the time spend key of the signer plus a number of past transaction outputs from the blockchain as decoy to sign the transaction.
From an outside perspective, both the signer and the decoys are valid signers of the transaction, so that masks the origin of the transaction.
The key image is then used by the network to confirm that the transaction amount isn’t double spent.

2. Adaptive limits

For each new block that is created, both the difficulty and block size are adjusted automatically. With other coins, Bitcoin for example, one block is mined approximately every 10 minutes. It can only contain a maximum of 1MB data, which means a limited amount of transactions can be processed per 10 minutes (ca. 3–7 transactions per second). That often leads to network congestion when you have to pay high fees and wait longer for your transaction to be validated. With BitcoiNote, the size of the block and the creation time are adjustable, so regardless of how busy the nework is, fees remain the same and transactions don’t get stuck.

To calculate the difficulty level for the next block, the sum of work that was necessary for creating the last 720 blocks is divided by the time it took to carry out work. This means that the network can not get stuck and therefore this ensures uninterrupted service for BitcoiNote users at all times. Learn more about the new BitcoiNote algorithm here.

3. Lightweight

BitcoiNote a coin created for everyone, so mining is made as accessible as possible. Rather than making users buy expensive equipment and pay huge electricity bills, we want our them to be able to use any devices they already have — like a laptop or PC.

BitcoiNote can be mined in just a few clicks from our official BitcoiNote wallet. Mining cryptocurrency has never been so easy. In the future we also want the coin to be mined easily on even more accessible devices. We’re planning to launch BitcoiNote wallets and miners for smartphones in the coming months.

This brings the opportunity to mine and transact from anywhere. You will never miss out on a campaign, deal or investment opportunity!

4. Double-spending proof

Double-spending may be one of the biggest risks in cryptocurrency. Therefore, we made this completely impossible in BitcoiNote.

Modified version of ‘traceable ring signature’ and ‘key images’ ensure that anonymity is kept at a maximum, but double-spending still ISN’T possible. If two different signatures under the same key appear, these can easily be be linked together by the algorithm. Only one of the two will then be stored in the blockchain.

5. Widely available and constantly growing

Investing in BitcoiNote provides a lot of opportunities. We have recently launched BitcoiNote at Stocks Exchange, OctaEx and Altex in rapid succession.

We’re seeing that trading is steadily but constantly increasing and we’re already working on making BitcoiNote even more widely available by launching it on more exchanges and adding various trading pairs. Currently, you can trade BitcoiNoite with BTC or ETH on Stocks Exchange and OctaEx. Would you like to trade BitcoiNote for XMR or BTC, then we offer Altex as the exchange for that.

This may be the right time for you to invest as we’re constantly working to improve the coin and therefore increase its value. Be the early bird that catches the worm!

Try these tips yourself!

Did you like any of these suggestions? We hope you learned something new. Please do try these suggestions yourself by getting the BitcoiNote wallet from our site.

Need help? Reach out to our community on Telegram or Discord (ADD LINK BEFORE PUBLICATION) (just launched!) to get help from our community.

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