BitcoiNote is a decentralized, public blockchain and cryptocurrency project that is fully open source. The coin combines the familiarity of Bitcoin and advantages of the CryptoNight-Lite Variant 1 algorithm. It is a 3rd generation cryptocurrency that resolves the issues of Bitcoin.

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BitcoiNote is the most secure cryptocurrency on the market. We are introducing innovate technologies to make the coin lightweight, yet extremely secure. Features like ring signatures make BitcoiNote extremely private, while innovations like our unique algorithms ensure stability and ASIC-resistance.


BitcoiNote has to be accessible to everyone. Our goal is to make it lightweight enough so that you will be able to mine it from your smartphone or even IoT devices.

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BitcoiNote stands for real privacy, speedy transactions, dynamic block sizes and the possibility to mine coins with just a mobile phone or IoT device. Thanks to the best features of the CryptoNight-Lite Variant 1 algorithm – the dynamic block size, short block validation time and difficulty recalculated with every block – transactions are never backlogged!


Symbol: BTCN
Algorithm: CryptoNight-Lite Variant 1
Supply: 21,000,000 coins
Decimals: 8
Protocol: Proof of Work
Block size: Dynamic
Block time: 120 seconds
Difficulty: Recalculated with every block

Key advantages

Fast and easy to mine
Cheap to transact
Completely private
ASIC resistant


Privacy is essential in a cryptocurrency. Thanks to ring signatures you can transact completely anonymously. The CryptoNight-Lite Variant 1 algorithm uses a traceable ring signature that allows tracing the sender of two different messages if they contain the same key image and are signed by the same private key.

A user can only produce one valid signature under his private key. Two different signatures under the same key (a double spend attempt) can be easily linked together, and only one will be stored in the blockchain. That ensures that no double spending is possible.

ASIC resistant

BitcoiNote keeps the fair spirit of the early cryptocurrencies and is the real people’s coin, available to everyone.

It is ASIC resistant, which means it is oriented towards GPU mining. Any device with a standard graphic card can be used. Expensive and specialized devices are not necessary to mine. Simply download our miner and wallet to start mining!

What is special about the CryptoNight-Lite Variant 1 algorithm?

100% anonymity

Thanks to CryptoNight-Lite Variant 1 and its ring signature technology, you can sign a message on behalf of a group and your signature remains indistinguishable from other group signatures.

The variation of Diffie-Hellman’s exchange protocol and multiple unique one-time addresses, make it impossible to cross-link payments of the same receiver.

Fair proof of work

BitcoiNote is so light and easy to mine that everybody can do it – we want you to be able to mine and confirm a transaction with any device, even your smartphone! BitcoiNote is also ASIC-resistant which means you will not need special devices to mine and mining will not be centralized by any particular group.

Double-spending proof

Even though the signatures remain anonymous, there is no possibility of double-spending.

CryptoNight-Lite Variant 1 uses a modified version of the ‘traceable ring signature’ and ‘key images’ that make any double-spending attempt futile.

Adaptive limits

Both difficulty and block size adjust automatically for each new block.

To calculate the difficulty level, the sum of work necessary for creating the last 720 blocks is divided by the time it took to carry out work. The block size can adjust accordingly to the demand, while its exponential growth is under control at the same time.

Wallet & Miner

Download the BitcoiNote GUI Wallet + Miner
Versions to Windows, Mac and Linux available


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The official pool created by the BitcoiNote developers.
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