Introducing BitcoiNote V2: HARD FORK

We’re excited to announce the next major update to BitcoiNote. The update brings many improvements, but all users need to update their software to be able to continue using BitcoiNote.

What’s new?

This update to BitcoiNote is a major milestone in our roadmap. It includes a number of major improvements.

ASIC resistance

BitcoiNote was designed to be the “real people’s coin”, accessible to all and mineable by all. Therefore, ASIC resistance is extremely important to us. We constantly want to ensure a leveled playing field. This BitcoiNote update introduces further protection against ASIC miners.

The update integrates a new mining (PoW) algorithm. The previous algorithm, “CryptoNight” (in variant 0), is hereby replaced by CryptoNight Lite V1. Not a single known ASIC is compatible with this algortim, ensuring ASIC protection for the BitcoiNote community.

Lower hardware requirements

Apart from bringing improved ASIC resistance to BitcoiNote, the new algorithm also lowers hardware requirements. This means that more and more devices can mine BitcoiNote. It fits our long-term plan of making mining possible from almost any device. The Linux miner can be used on mobile and IoT devices. We also recently introduced BitcoiNote for Mac, allowing a new group of users to mine BitcoiNote.

Upfront rejection of extremely large transactions

A recent BitcoiNote update enlarged the so-called “full reward zone” for blocks, i.e. the maximum size of blocks for which miners will not get a reward penalty. This allowed for larger transactions to be submitted. Users loved this update, but some were still experiencing issues when trying to submit extremely large transactions due to the growing maximum cumulative size.

This BitcoiNote solves that by rejecting these type of transactions upfront, instead of letting them be accepted but never added to a block.

Other improvements in this update

  • The file path of your current wallet is now displayed in the title bar. This makes it easier to find the wallet file you’re working with, especially for users working with multiple wallets simultaneously.
  • The “Reset wallet” feature did not work as expected for some users. Reliability of the feature is improved in this BitcoiNote update.

Who is affected and how?

All BitcoiNote users are affected by this update and need to update to continue using BitcoiNote.

How do I update my wallet?

Simply download the new version of the wallet and use it instead of the old version. Your coins will be moved to the new version of the wallet. The old version of the wallet can be deleted once you have confirmed the new version works well.

By what date should I update?

We recommend to update your software immediately.

The hard fork of BitcoiNote is scheduled for block height 178500, which is expected to be reached around September 20th, 2018. Everybody needs to be updated to version 2.0.0 by then.

What’s next?

We are super excited to bring this major update to the BitcoiNote community. Meanwhile, our team is already working on future updates to the coin.

In case you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our community on any of the following channels:


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